Couples, Love and Private Time

I recently finished these four paintings.  All are 5″ x 7″ oil on canvas.  I purposely used a small canvas because I wanted the paintings to feel personal.   The subject matter for all is couples who are in love.  To get the point across with color, I used warmer tones (orange and red) and modified with cooler colors (blue and purple).  I decided to have a conversation in each painting between the warm and cool colors.  Because the canvas is so small I didn’t need to or have much room for a lot of background information so I used color.  With the blue backgrounds I added circles and in the warmer paintings I used variations on yellow and orange and variations of purple and white.  I had to make choices about how much of the face and figure to bring out.  How couples look at each other is so telling.   I decided not to make any of the faces overly detailed because it would have been a distraction.