We Did It

This painting was so fun to make.  It is a period piece based on a photograph of a young couple on their wedding day in probably the 1920s.  I loved their clothes but their expressions grabbed me and I knew I had to paint it.  I was very nervous that I would not capture the sweet looks on their faces but I am happy with the result.  The painting is 20″ x 30″ oil on canvas.

The color palette is a little limited but I did that so that all of the turquoise would stand out.  I used more color on their faces and left their clothes mostly black and white.  I had originally thought of making it a much larger painting but decided that this size would be best so the composition didn’t get away from me.  I like this size because both of them are full size but it feels intimate as if we are seeing them look at each other when nobody else is around.



This is how the painting started.  I don’t think I changed any of the original composition after I drew it.  I just added color and then I was done.